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We are emotional beings

We are emotional beings, having feelings in every moment. We live our lives feeling an emotion all the time and if we don't, we're not functioning properly. So for a sophisticated person who constantly goes beyond life's dramas, he/she can be feeling emotions such as calmness, inner strength and trust.

We've been taught from an early age not to express our emotions, but to suppress them. A real man, or a lady, doesn't cry, right? Simply to cry while being present with our emotions, isn't our immediate response. We prefer to solve the problem as fast as possible, or rationalize, reject, analyze, manipulate, criticize and judge our feelings. Or run away, and hide them.

Often, my deep feelings about certain situations, people and events will hit me later, when I’m alone, like there's a delay in my capacity to truly be with my emotions in the moment itself.

This is also, because emotions manifest in wave form. Our emotional body is very subtle and it moves much slower then our physical, mental, ego and energy bodies. The centre of our emotional body consciousness is not in the heart where you’d logically think it is, but it's within our belly centre, 4 finger widths below the navel.

Emotions move through our mind/body system in waves, coming and going like in an ocean. Or like silent rivers, streaming our deepest feelings.

Another reason for our delay in emotional authenticity, is that our emotional body carries the memories of ALL THE EMOTIONS WE’VE NOT DEALT WITH in our lives. Worldwide, most of our emotional bodies are in a constant state of overwhelm. And we’re not realizing that suppressing strong emotions causes us sickness, depression & addiction to drama.

A healthy emotional body will be able to instantly process whatever happens around and inside of us, very fast & without effort. Giving us the opportunity to be able to truly help those around us.

Next time we get caught up in our emotions, let's remember to breathe deeply and ask the universe to provide us with the right tools to handle the situation. When we allow our emotions to be experienced while observing them, they can be released in a healthy & effective way, for the benefit of all.


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