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Unlimited Freedom vs Suppression

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Unlimited freedom seems to be what everybody wants, but we’re unaware it’s a destructive force. On 1 pole of this field of tension there’s ‘unlimited freedom’, and on the other there’s ‘suppression’, both are harmful extremes. When we embrace both poles and move through life by setting our own chosen voluntary boundaries, consciously choosing a path between these poles, a third force of true wisdom magically unfolds from within ☀️

Socially speaking, freedom is associated with being able to do what we want, when, and where we want it, until we recognize that we’re running around thinking we’re free, but in fact, we’re desperately trying to hide that we feel unhappy. “If only I got what I wanted, then I could relax!”. This is not freedom! ☀️

Real freedom is not control over circumstances or having more options and choices, real freedom is recognizing that whatever disturbance might arise in us, it’s our own creation. It’s recognizing that there’s nothing and no one in the world, having the power or authority to make us feel unhappy or unfree, it’s all our own creation ☀️

To feel free is to see we’ll always be free, regardless of what form, shape or dance is happening in our life. When we drop the masks, we can see how our fearful filters innocently and painfully confuse us, and we start to see Life, we start to see what’s true, what’s real ☀️

Feminine wisdom is manifestation through soft intelligence, magnetism, receiving and gentle invitation, rather than creating through force, effort, willpower, taking, driving, striving, pushing or grabbing. It’s about inviting what we wish for internally, in our own sacred space first. Already energetically embodying what we wish for, so we can attract more of it into our lives. ‘Being’ rather than doing. Attracting, imagining, surrendering and cultivating energy, rather than suppressing or exhausting. Energetic affinity, rather than a feeling of lack or need ☀️

By being ourselves and allowing our presence to invite and receive our creations, we’re healing our entire human collective. Through new ways of being, shining from within as graceful radiance, we’re helping to birth new awareness, healing our Human Heart ❤️

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