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The energies that are beginning to stream to Earth right now are different than anything we’ve lived before. We’re being made ready for major changes happening from 2020 till 2033. Our physical bodies and energy~systems are getting a divinely orchestrated energy tune~up, and the pathways through our body are being prepared to recalibrate to, and assimilate, this new and expanded energy ✨

2020 is not a year to ‘fit in’ but a time to trust, follow and express our own unique journey of the Heart. Our DNA~activations are telling our consciousness we’re changing time~lines, which can feel very surreal, almost like we’re dying, while the old constructs are dropping away ✨ Gaia Mother Earth is lifting the veils and revealing new future Unity timelines. I’m receiving revelations of ultra~light codes of new creation, which I’m now extending in this invitation to co~create together through absolute divine love, for us to move individually and collectively with greater ease and grace, and gain maximum benefit from these energies streaming to Earth ✨ Many of us are connecting directly to the new revitalizing ascension upgrade energies, gifting us with sensations of flow and relief, knowing that everything is going to be absolutely different. Connecting to the creation energy of the Inner New~Earth, we receive the ultra~light, creating the necessary energy alchemy to help our bodies and energy anatomies to unblock, without loosing our mind in the process ✨ Let’s embody the New Refined Experiences. Let’s demonstrate our deep core decisions and moment~to~moment choices of love. Let’s take action and focus on the New Earth realms by co~creating Peace and Harmony. Completely being Present as a conduit for this new energy to come through. Opening ourselves up for the self~correcting Divine Will to manifest for the highest good of our human collective ✨


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