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True Love

True love sets the others free. And when we set them Free, we discover True Love ✨

If we’re unwilling to give total freedom to the others, to be who they want to be, then we can never truly love them. If we have any judgment about how they desire to live their life, then we’ll withhold freedom. And when we withhold freedom, we withhold love ✨

What is Love, other than the acceptance for how Life chooses to unfold? ✨

What is Love, other than the willingness to accept the others as they are, without judgment? ✨

Any inability to 'set them free' is a reflection of us not setting ourselves free. If we’re unable to allow ourselves to follow our most sincere Heart~desires in Life, then we’ll try to keep others from doing what we ourselves are afraid to do; to be free ✨

Our children? Watch how we attempt to withhold freedom from them, so that we can protect our egocentric self~image, afraid what others might think ✨

Our life~partner? Watch how we withhold freedom, so that we can avoid feeling insecure and avoid dealing with our own internal drama ✨

Our Friends? Watch how we withhold freedom and cast judgments, because they’re doing something we secretly want to do ✨

We are free. However, we withhold freedom from ourselves, because we think we’re not worthy to live the life we desire to live ✨

We are free, and when we set ourselves free, we give ourselves permission to embody our inherent freedom, and we’ll discover such a deeply profound love for ourselves. True love that has always been there ✨

Let’s start by releasing our grip, our need to control others, or the need to withhold freedom from them. Notice how our desire to withhold love, freedom or acceptance, is really not about them, but about us not fully accepting/loving ourselves ✨

May we release Love into Love, and allow our souls to grow ✨

In Real Love, everything goes together, everything is perfectly placed, everything is radically forgiven ✨

The absence of love is nothing more than an innocent misunderstanding that thinks separation is real ✨

Love is in~escapable ✨

Love is everywhere, in everything and in everyone ✨


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