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Toxicity Detox

To be alive is overwhelming, considering the toxicity we ingest when we breath, look around and nourish our body. Sickness and health are not as we believe it is, it’s not about invisible viruses, it’s about how our physical bodies are holding on to the toxins we ingest through the air we breath, the water we drink, the food we ingest and even in the way we connect through our phones and electronic devices. We must radically change our perspective on the processes occurring within us on all levels, in how we eliminate toxins and are naturally healthy ☀️

My physical body elemental is extremely sensitive which is a blessing, it brings in multitudes of skills through the spirit realms for our human collective. But the medicine I bring often turns into a poison for myself, as I realize that most of the ways in which we usually interact, what we ingest, think and feel, the loudness of the sounds, lights, distractions, entertainments, and the many items we use, it’s painful for the way I’m physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually set up ☀️

I’m in solo retreat in the mountains now 🏔 where I can detox, fast, swim, meditate 🧘‍♀️ be, dance and regain my strength to face our modern dose of toxic mess and stress 😂 The healing light of awareness is gifting me with a higher self~value, courage and confidence, to be in a place beyond fear to open up to my pain, to understand and explore its pain identity’s dynamics 😳

Going through 9 months of research, alternative and medical testing, strictly following my own inner guidance, I’m at the core of my body’s physical challenges 😣 Through a hair analysis (highly recommended!) I’ve found an over~tensed nervous system in exhaustion (ouch!) through manganese poisoning 😅 I’m grateful to have the opportunity to gradually heal myself completely to create a new world ❤️‍🩹 I’m committed, not too serious, not worrying too much 🤯 Aware, careful and disciplined in what I take into my body, I fully engage in healing practices, do what I love, think less, feel and know more, rest, be and breath ♥️

If anyone here has additional advice on how to cleanse heavy metals from the brain, feel free to let me know! Thank you 😊


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