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The war on our planet is not only happening outside.

The war on our planet is not only happening outside. It’s primarily happening inside of us, in each one of us. There’s no way to change anything in our outer reality, if we don’t understand that the war is our own responsibility. That we are responsible for everything that is happening on our sacred planet earth, and beyond

People come and go, taking on the roles of aggressors and victims, as long as we don’t fully embody the enlightened qualities of peace, sovereignty and trust. If we don’t surrender our ego to universal oneness

I’m not saying that I’m enlightened (yet ) Sometimes I do fight with my loved ones, I’m confused, I fight with life as it is. But there are also moments when I stop, rest and deeply align with the inner Source of all life. Then, Life becomes very clear, aware, loving and full of light. In these beautiful moments I embody Peace, holding and sharing Peace for all worlds and all beings, in whatever way life wishes to express itself

I do not agree with war on our planet and when I tune into Mother Earth and our high vibrational human collective, I can feel there are millions of us here now holding the light, wishing the inner and outer wars to stop. It’s from this power of recognizing our true nature that I do my inner work, drawing the intentions and energy from the one Heart, living in confident peace in all my past, present and future lifetimes happening in this moment

Mother Earth has ascended to a new state of being a decade ago, raising her vibration higher every day. She’s inviting those who wish to stay here in the next appearances of time and space on our planet, to raise their vibrational signature to higher frequencies, in order to be able to continue to live and incarnate on earth. So in that sense: “It is done”. The war is over

Those beings who wish to continue the game of duality, of ‘power over others’, are no longer accepted and transferred to different, parallel timelines and dimensions. It might feel like they’re existing on Earth but it’s no longer true

Our higher selves lead the way. It’s our own personal choice in every moment to see, live, create, experience and share a pure state of Being now


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