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The Poetry of Sex

Good sex in a passionate marriage has nothing to do with romanticism. True love simply doesn’t guarantee better sex, because love and desire have a very different nature ✨

The poetry of sex is not about doing. It’s a space to be. A place to enter inside of oneself, alone or together ✨

What parts of ourselves do we connect to, or seek to express? Is it a place to be? To be playful? Curious? Safely aggressive? Is it Eros? Energy? Vitality? Spiritual union? Surrender? ✨

For the first time in human history we want to experience long term sexuality. Not for our survival, or exclusively as a woman’s marital duty, but sex as pure pleasure and connection, deeply rooted in desire ✨

When we’re shamelessly owning our sexuality as an expression of our free choice, individuality, preferences and identity, our erotic mind becomes an ally. When we see ‘what is’ with new eyes, the mysteries of erotism are revealed and we’re able to safely host its jealousies, aggression, possessiveness, power and dominance ✨

Erotic intelligence transforms our sexuality through our imagination, gifting us the ability to stay connected to oneself in the presence of another. Owning our wanting to receive pleasure by balancing the paradoxical fields of tension between love and desire, having and longing, security and ‘the forbidden’, selflessness and selfishness, being apart together. Allowing open strength as vulnerable anticipation, radiating in self~sustaining confidence ✨

Maintaining erotic desire in the form of committed sex is the reconciliation of 2 basic sets of fundamental human needs, deeply relating, but also conflicting each other: the grounding need for safety, protection, comfort, familiarity, predictability, dependability and reliability, and the equally important need to experience risks, ‘the edge’, awe, adventure, novelty, mystery, the unknown & the unexpected ✨

Blissful sex between committed partners is a co~creation of erotic spaces without neediness, offering private spaces to explore alone, knowing that passion often doesn’t fall out of the sky spontaneously, but is always vibrantly alive as a pre~meditated, skillful, intentional and focused field of shared presence ✨

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