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The leading edge of Creation

What’s new in this moment is the leading edge of creation. It’s your eyes, curiously touching these words. It’s your soul, playfully calling in this message. It’s the powerful energies of source running through us, delivering its purpose in this moment ✨

Pure life force is always driving creation to new heights and these experiences can offer a path to enlightenment when our desire to have experiences is completed through our living fully. Often, I feel that most of us are not here to learn anything, or to complete some kind of karma, incarnating in endless cycles, but that we’re simply here to have an experience ✨

The New Energies coming in right now are strong and relentlessly speeding up, light~blasting all we no longer need. Truly nothing we’ve ever seen on our planet before, these high frequencies are originating from a diamond matrix formation of 22 galaxies connecting together ✨

When we choose to breath through it all, observing ourselves and the world around us from a gentle, open and non~judgmental state of being, we’re gifted with a clear awareness field which was previously unavailable to our human collective and that’s now coming online, energized by our planetary and cosmic awakening. Let’s remember that it's all good and positive, even if at times it doesn’t feel that way ✨

We‘re all at different stages of our personal, emotional, mental and physical integration, in respect to the new energies streaming to Earth in the next 11 years. It‘s a deep process, in which our bodies, energy circuitry and minds are accommodating and gradually becoming One with the new frequencies ✨

My new work is about connecting our human inner architecture to these new light grids, temples, templates and codes. I’ll be offering in person retreats, let’s share Heaven on Earth within the life~changing dynamics of gathering in groups of awakened, like~Hearted souls ✨


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