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The Initiator

A lotus flower shakes before it’s opened, and after realizing she’s already connected so strongly and deeply, the shaking becomes a dance in an ocean of tranquility ✨

We’ve just finished my Black Diamond Tantra workshop here in Egypt, and it’s been a complete birth for my being. Synchronistically, the open~hearted lady of the family who’s running our venue had a baby son born that night, his name meaning ‘initiator’ in Arabic. What a beautiful new human being we’re welcoming on our planet! ✨

Obviously I have no words to express how grateful I am for the universe allowing me to be a source portal for this new work. I met Chief Dancing Thunder and his beautiful daughter Morning Star in Holland a few months ago and they shared that in their tribe, when we bring two medicines together, in this case the Black Diamond and Tantra, we create a third medicine for which they have a special name. This is exactly what has happened ✨

I’m immensely touched by the beautiful and courageous souls who were there to enjoy our intense journey together, as well as the precious teachers and ancient lineages coming through. We’ve been nourishing the Earth and our human collective with our happiness, sharing our diamond light with purpose and precision ✨

Very much looking forward to deepen the work this winter, and who knows? I might be able to bring out Black Diamond Tantra online, so much creativity flowing at the moment! But first… Family ❤️

I N T E G R A T I O N…


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