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The Holy Grail Embody

My path in this present lifetime is the path of the teachings of the Magdalen. It’s a very long memory of consciousness, an ancient stream or mindset if you will, going back much further than when Mary Magdalen was in physical form, 2.000 years ago. I can change direction if I wish, destiny is what we make of it, but for now I’m excited to fulfill the life~goals I signed up for and that I prepared for in many different ways and lifetimes ✨

The self~work I do, integrating many different teachings, is fusing it all into one mastery of becoming the Holy Grail Embody. This is all about letting go, transformation, observing, soothing & honouring. It’s a very long journey, shedding layer by layer by layer. Each layer gives me an understanding of what I’m connecting to, of what I’m releasing for myself and for our human collective ✨ The Magdalen light~codes are now awakening in our DNA. We’re living in a time where prophecies are manifesting, a time of degeneration, a time of total mind control, a return of the golden Age of Enlightenment. It doesn't really matter what we call it, we’re living it right Now ✨ When we fulfill our purpose, when we discover our reason for coming to Earth long ago, there’s an acceleration in the amount of possibilities of expansion in our field of awareness. Life will know we’re ready and will use us for the benefit of all. Our life flow will be guided by divine alignment, we become open, pure magic in form. The more we can let life be life, we’ll come to understand life is not about you or me, but about all of us, for all of us ✨ I’m in Avalon Glastonbury now, which many call the Heart Chakra of the world. It’s an energy vortex complex, carrying many ancient portals to the magical realms of Gaia (Mother Earth), which first opened about 13.000 years ago. These realms are all coming back online through the collective work we do here ✨ I’m thrilled to start our sacred pilgrimage in a few days! What I love about England is that strangers address women as “love”, the villages look like taken straight out of a fairytale and the people have such a dry and un-understandable sense of humour it’s gotto make you laugh 🤣


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