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The Higher Self

Loving the Arabic culture, especially in my meetings with Arabic women, fills my heart with joy. It gifts me with a feeling of fulfillment, as it’s part of my life purpose to work with women from all over the world ✨

Most of our modern cultures appear to cause a kind of judgment and separation by an absence of knowing that, by birthright, we are all divine children deserving love, fulfillment and joy, without the need to earn it. When we become aware that we’re a spirit with a soul, here to evolve, and made from pure light and love, when we come to know and feel these spiritual understandings about our inherent worth and purpose deeply within ourselves, great change and spiritual progress happen very quickly ✨

We have a Higher Self who’s always available for conscious connection whenever we’re ready, and yet it will not interfere with our free will in order to make itself known or influence our life. We must want to evolve spiritually and know that we are a valuable soul and spirit beyond our body, in order to connect with our Higher Self directly. Otherwise our consciousness in our body identifies with our ego personality self as our whole self ✨

When we begin to awaken spiritually, we realize that we have a divine counterpart, but we may believe that it’s separate from us. Through meditation, instructions, dreams and revelations, we realize there’s divinity within our body as well. Bringing our Higher Self's energy and consciousness into our body, instead of leaving our body to access this consciousness, is a great affirmation of the value and connectedness of our human self to divinity, and a big step in letting go of belief in separation ✨

When we realize that the only thing blocking our access to higher consciousness is what our human ego personality self has created, we’re ready to take responsibility for creating our reality in a conscious and harmonious way ✨

Being connected with our Higher Self in our body is a direct path to create reference points in higher love, spiritual integrity, and connection with “All That Is” and to accelerate the release of limited and denser energies ✨


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