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The Dark Feminine

When we meet the Dark Feminine within, it’s simultaneously a test and a gift, a deep INITIATION for men and women alike.

‘Dark’ here doesn’t mean ‘evil’ or low vibrational. Even our Heart sees more in darkness than in light. ‘Dark’ simply means that the Dark Feminine is an energy, an archetype, of our shadow aspects. These hidden parts of ourselves have been judged and rejected, not only by the world and those around us, but mostly by ourselves. We don’t want to see nor deal with it, out of shame, guilt and regret. Out of fear we’ll find out that this is truly who we are. That we’ve always been ‘bad’.

But nothing is further from the truth. Unless you’re a dark-worker and your core essence is made from pure darkness, you’re most probably a Light Being. And if you’re reading this, now doubting if you’re a light- or a darkworker? Well, it’s simple, you’re still reading 😅

When we’re careful to treat the Dark Feminine within women & men with respect and compassion, this challenging road turns into a fast track to liberation. Through our willingness to meet the truth, we release those fears secretly holding us back. The numerous gifts will be infinite opportunities in the form of freedom, pleasure, openness, self-worth, passion, peace, power and prosperity in all forms.

When we don’t face the Dark Feminine living within us, we can’t see her, but she’ll manifest through our shadow aspects in everything we do, say and think in the form of seduction, vanity, jealousy, envy, sabotage, superiority, judgement, shallow attention-seeking, controlling, need for validation and approval, competitive behaviour and manipulation. If you’ve recognized any of the above traits within you (did the words trigger any emotional charge within you?) then it’s time to look in the mirror.

Tonight and tomorrow, when the moon is at its full peak, I’m called to honour the Dark Feminine of our ancient and current worlds and to honour the Dark Goddess living within me. I invite you to do the same. Let’s BE COMPLETE by finding the sweetness within our darkness. By accepting and embracing our shadows so we can become fearless in growing our expansive wisdom in ways beyond illusion


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