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The Bodhisattva Smiles

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Releasing control with hundreds of lightworkers at a 3 day festival in El Gouna, Egypt happening now (find me on the pic 🤭)

We are in the presence of millions of great masters of all traditions on Earth today, collectively waking up to this grand gathering of great souls ☀️ We don’t look like we used to in our past lives, we’re hidden in normal, modern lives to have a greater impact on our human collective ❤️

When we realize this truth within, we feel peaceful and happy. In expanded awareness, the task of liberating all beings is not heavy, there is no rush, we see the situation as it truly is. How can empty spacious loving being ever be heavy?

When we perceive at very deep levels that this is all a dream that we’re awakening from, the bodhisattva smiles ❤️

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