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The answers to everything are Here

It’s clear throughout the cosmos that the answers to everything are here on our sacred planet Earth, holder of the living libraries of multidimensional species and galactic gateways. After enduring slavery, wars, intrusions, manipulations and experiments by other races and in our DNA 🧬 these millions of years of experiments are now coming to fruition on our planet, as Earth is chosen to give birth to a new reality ✨

Whatever the ultimate purpose for creating this new reality is, we are the game~changers, the grand catalysts, transforming it all into new life. All answers are flowing freely through our pure and open human hearts ♥️ while all life everywhere is breathlessly focused on us, knowing that Earth is affecting everyone, everywhere ✨

For most of us, our DNA is a mix of different species, so no matter what race or matrix we come from, no matter how many strands of DNA we’ve activated, we have a choice NOW to focus on the New Earth reality, realigning ourselves to the natural source light we all originally come from. It’s a mistake to believe that only a few have access to the divine blueprint through birth and others don’t. We are here now and every moment offers conscious choices ✨

The best is yet to come! Let’s be ready for divine surprises! We are the original architects of this reality! ✨

This week I’m allowing myself to charge and sink in the dreamy feminine of the dark, cold and grounded states of being. Tomorrow with a beautiful group of sisters in a desert oasis with Yulia teaching @airyogaegypt about spine decompression, body generation, flexibility, tolerance and clarity of mind in a 4 week program, followed by a relaxing sweat lodge ✨

Then I’ll drive to the feet of the snowy Moses Mountain tops 🏔 where I’ve set up my altar, directly connected to the Peace star~gates, unlocking the original templates, light codes, grids and temples of Light. Grateful to be living all seasons in this magical retreat space. Breathing the mantras of Silence alive together ✨

Feel free to explore all this deeper in my private sessions or upcoming events at


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