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Surrender into Mastery

Surrender, knowing mastery is radical self~responsibility ✨

We are responsible for our own conscious and unconscious choices, knowing that there’s nothing and no one to fix. Each person chooses for themselves. Each person a divine master of Source ✨

I am a Source Portal for others to pass through into the new realms. Sometimes I’m completely transparent, empty and open, and at other times I’m a clear, awake and fierce guardian, where I stop the old realities from polluting the new ✨

I harshly close the door to all manipulation and corruption through programs, judgments, and temptations. I can however allow fusion with both dark and light as One ✨

Mother Earth wishes the current physical separation of realities in our human collective to be gentle, for all of us to take our time, and not to rush. So why is a majority of people on our planet pushing so hard to get some kind of fast and furious disclosure? ✨

The physical split is really up to each person to decide and dance with, in our own way, and in our own pace. It’s all happening within ourselves, while humanity is birthing whole new realities never experienced before ✨

The light and dark realities can and do exist without the other. Actually, till very recently this was the only way they could exist. Light existing without the dark, and dark existing without the light. We, as human beings on our planet, we’re able to see both the light and dark realities because in our current world, both are existing separately from each other ✨

Now, newly appearing in our awareness, is a reality where both light and dark exist as One. Not light and dark fusing into grey, but co~creating a new color that was not in our spectrum before. Not a reality where they neutralize or mesh, but where a whole new element emerges ✨

The urge to separate to different realities seems to be somehow related to the emergence of this new vibration. It’s almost like if we don’t separate now, we’ll be all taken into this new element so unknown, so different, so ‘non~human’, that we’re blindly forcing our collective choices to a closure ✨

I say let’s breath and surrender into this only moment! Let’s explore this new reality together ✨


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