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Updated: Feb 7, 2023

The darkness in the sense of the light/dark paradigm, in the sense of duality, is a harmful and destructive force. A force which wants power over others and control ☀️

This darkness we don’t need in any way. It will not teach us anything which we don’t know already. We can learn from suffering, but suffering doesn’t make us a more compassionate or better human being. We were born compassionate, love is who we are already, without needing darkness in any way ☀️

The darkness in the sense of day and night, full moon and dark moon, yes, in that sense the darkness is a force of nothingness, like the darkness from the deepest depth of the ocean or a beautiful night sky. Yes, then the darkness is the source of our inner light ☀️

We need to be very aware of the difference and the programs we live with in believing that the light and dark are forces we both need. Even the yin and yang are just symbols we don’t need any longer ☀️

Earth has moved into a new way of being where there’s only light, and many of us are choosing to explore these new realities today. It’s so new and unknown to our human collective on this planet that we can’t really imagine it yet, and we keep falling back into old ways of seeing, experiencing and co~creating ☀️

The new worlds are here! I’m so grateful! It’s happening ❤️

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