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Living countless lifetimes in a few days in 3D time, our Sacred Journey in the Sinai desert in Egypt is coming to an end tonight. For me this has been the most profound and intimate pilgrimage, embodying completion within my being, body, mind, heart and soul ✨

My mother joined our group, as well as my sister and my daughter, which gave us magnificent healing opportunities for our female bloodline, and for me to melt being a guide with the roles of being a daughter, sister, mother, teacher and friend. Everything unfolded perfectly in Open Hearted participation as One ✨ We’ve connected deeply with the Magdalenes, the Divine Mother, and we cleared our kundalini channels with the Pleiadeans. We worked on our Hara-Heart connection through Tibetan pulsing led by my soul family Cat & Mr. M., also joining our group. From stargazing in the Egyptian desert with traditional Bedouin dinner until climbing the 18.000 steps of the Mount Moses, what moved me beyond expression is the work we did with the Sinai star~gates ✨ Stargates are gateways of high frequency photonic light, which help our planet and humanity to raise our vibration to a higher frequency. I feel them as pure diamond, crystalline, golden frequencies ✨ The 24th of October, my sister and I walked up with Younes, our mountain guide I can highly recommend, at 2am at night to catch the sunrise, as the rest of the group went on camel ride. I realized then that synchronistically this was also the day my father decided 13 years ago to stop living, which was a beautiful opportunity to honour him and to honour the divine masculine within honouring the divine feminine ✨ As a group, we purified and energized the star~gate every step of the way imprinting our intentions and embodying one of the 6 qualities of this particular star~gate, being truth, beauty, love, trust/confidence, peace and harmony. Once we reached the top I was asked to expand it over the entire Earth and I had a deep revelation that I can embody being an absolute vehicle for the divine Mother/Father at all times, even while holding space for my ‘personal’ thoughts and feelings going on in the now~moments ✨ May All Beings Be Happy ✨


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