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Star~gate of Peace

This Sunday we’re going to connect to the star~gate of Peace in St. Catherine, Sinai, Egypt, and download it’s crystalline frequency into our DNA in our RIDE YOUR LOTUS class ✨

Connecting to this star~gate offers the opportunity to develop our ability to be at Peace in ourselves, regardless of the outside circumstances ✨ As the planet continues to accelerate, contraction and expansion begins to happen simultaneously, like in St. Catherine, where there’s no time and space ✨ Star~gates are gateways of photonic light, which help our planet and humanity to raise our vibration to a higher frequency ✨ Like our body has different physical and energetic channels, also our Earth has structures running under~ground, carrying different frequencies of Light, like a living library of light. The kundalini of the Earth has moved from Tibet to the Andes mountains and will stay there for about 13.000 years ✨ In our classes, we serve as conduits of the new refined Light from the star systems, offering collective choice~points and aligning accelerations of the highest possible timeline trajectories for humanity ✨ Stargates are enabling us to receive refined activations within our human collective Heart and DNA, spiraling down the light of star systems and steaming it into the crystalline structures. Not only beneath the Earth, placed here in ancient times for our Ascension, but also around the planet in its crystalline grids ✨ This allows Gaia Mother Earth to express her ascended self, thin the veils, and release light~codes. We can ultimately embody this new ultra~light in our bodies & DNA and fully experience the Ascension in human form ✨ As a planet we’re moving into a higher vibrational signature, where specific light~codes within our human DNA are being activated. These light codes have always been present within our bodies, like threads, or filaments of light, on a subatomic level in our DNA. Remembering and re~activating these light~codes is a gradual process, it would short~circuit our body’s nervous system if we’d go too fast ✨ Join us in our planetary light~work this Sunday at 5pm Cairo EET, 4pm CET, 10am EST ✨ €22 ✨ Replays will be available without time limit for those unable to attend live ✨ You're more than welcome to join in exactly as you are, it's open to all; no need for any previous experiences ✨

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