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Spiritual Partnership

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Some relationships are meant to end, while others are meant to die in their present form to create space for a more aligned rebirth of the journey together ☀️

Spiritual relationships are individuals joined in equality for the purpose of spiritual growth. It’s not about the ‘I’ or ‘us’: it’s about stripping away all illusions and co~dependency, to allow the partnership itself to shape the being together into the pure reflection of its true frequency ☀️

Regular partnerships reflect the perception of power as external, where spiritual partners reflect the conscious journey inwards, true authentic inner power, trusting the subtle happiness of their connection without any neediness. It doesn’t hold the other to a fixed reality, but allows all collective agreements to collapse into a pregnant emptiness, allowing each partner to return with more authenticity, truth, openness, vulnerability and awareness ☀️

Committing to a spiritual partnership means to set aside our desires and personality to live by the perceptions, values and actions which reflect spiritual development and equality, allowing our partner to change, move away or come closer, knowing that by celebrating their realizations we keep passionate energy alive ☀️

If we hold back our truths by hiding our human concerns in divine stories, or when we hold on to who we believe this person should or should not be, we close all doors to the true magic of being together. Clear love holds no secrets, knowing that when we invoke the energy of the archetype of spiritual partnership, not only the individuals are positively affected, it also contributes to the evolution of the whole of the human collective ☀️

The unimaginable depth of divine orchestration have brought me to a point of exhaustion to force my will onto Life. I now prefer to slow down and lean back into the present moment of a safe future timeline. Sometimes souls incarnate in the same timeline together to awaken as one, with the idea that through their relationship they will recognize more deeply the one who lies behind the two. By resting in that one, they’ll start to play as two, knowing their souls don’t need any experience, they just are ☀️

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