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Sinai retreat ~ The End

It must be profound to go on 1 or 3 year retreats! For now, fruit fasting in November in the harsh surroundings of the Sinai desert, without running water or electricity, takes energy and physical strength. After almost 4 weeks of absence my family asked me to return; my husband specifically inviting me to speed up my ascension process, and so I did. I’m very grateful to be able to continue practicing, exploring, self~reflecting and internalizing from the ease and comfort of our sacred family home 💎

One rule I live by in this lifetime, is that I wait for the invitation. May it come from the universe, another being, or from a person, I’ll only move by clear and official invitation. Taking initiative doesn’t flow well for me, it’s always driven with hidden efforts or pain. In Human Design channeled by Ra, I’m a ‘projector’ who waits for the invitation, as well as my husband, teachers and many close friends. We work well together, inviting each other in divine synchronicity 💎

During this short desert retreat with the Bedouins, the wisdoms of Silence guided my heart's rhythm into a new healing path. To be a divine instrument of peace within a moving world of uncertainty. More generous, less proud. To relax and be. Without effort. Helpful. Selfless. Without the neurotic stress of fulfilling a personal destiny, personal improvements or private goals 💎

To rest in the radiance of truth. To balance joyful efforts with a total commitment to be free. To be ourselves. Sharing Diamond Light with our human collective; going beyond any experience we’ve ever lived before. Living moments of cellular enlightenment, consciously birthing New Earth realities from pure emptiness 💎

Let’s continue to walk in Truth, Beauty and Grace. To walk each other Home in all worlds 💎

Becoming self~aware is to recognize perfection and wholeness in everyOne and everything. As it is. Complete liberation is always patiently present inside of our own inner being. Continuously open for our reconnection. Calling us in our sacred heart space. Alive with vibrant source energy, offering infinite love, healing, joy, light, guidance, protection, bliss and beyond 💎


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