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Sinai Retreat ~ The Desert

A few nights ago while watching the stars, just before entering a deep inner journey, I asked for the blessings of our Earth and Sky. Instantly, I was shown the longest shooting star I’ve ever seen! Blessed is this miracle we call life 💎

The grounded stability of the Earth invites my soul into inspired confidence, while the liberating vastness of the Sky expands my awe with its magnetic depth of space~magic 💎

The desert connects us strongly to the raw power of our natural world. Sinai’s harsh climate and its regional poverty require much energy for survival, gifting us with a direct relationship with the natural environment, its entities and forces, both visible and invisible 💎

The ruthless desert winds of Silence cut all desire to understand, offering a crystal clear clarity, rooted in the fresh Stillness at the core of our being. I’m called to remember our true nature, to balance the 5 elemental energies of Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space, and to surrender into the most sacred, subtle essence of myself and our beautiful world. Externally, internally, and in the dimensions of our consciousness 💎

Receiving the warm sun~light in my soul, while taking in the unique beauty of a stone or a lizard, it all effortlessly unfolds as one peaceful breath of trusting this mysterious dream of being alive 💎

Everything here points in the direction of connecting with oneself in a most relentlessly honest way: open, detached, present, innocent, purposeful. Accepting life as it is, safely protected through a constant flow of inner intelligence with divine Source 💎

I appreciate the wisdom of the Bedouin tradition, as I listen to their devotional prayers, day and night, and observe them singing when they work, prepare food, walk the mountains or rest in caves. Their connection with nature is existential, whole. From a pure place in their hearts. Reminding us how to live in harmony with the sacred pulse of Life itself 💎

Tomorrow I’m on top of the Moses Mount Sinai, sleeping in the open air, activating the star~gates with the Diamond Light Matrix on planetary, universal and cosmic levels 💎 Also personally, to all who’ve asked 💎


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