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Sinai Retreat ~ The Arrival

Reaching Saint Catherine, a dark, rumbling sky exploded with the raw power of water, completely changing the dry desert into a source of wild rivers running down the mountains. I cried soft tears of gratitude for Mother Earth and Father Sky showering my soul with welcoming blessings of purification for the journey I was about to embark on 💎

I kept on driving in a heightened state of focused awareness, praying for protection. Then, all of a sudden the clouds opened up with a flash of blue sky. The Sun was guiding me to stop the car off the slippery road, and showed me a most beautiful shining rainbow behind me, precisely over the way I just passed through. I had driven through a portal of infinite possibilities hitting home! 💎

The ancient lands of Egypt were grandly opening up to my renewed planetary commitment to honour the sacredness of all life and remember our true nature 💎

Arriving in Saint Catherine, my Bedouin friend said I brought the rain with me. He was very happy, as the season had been too hot and it hadn’t rained for a very long time. Arriving together in the 3 persons Bedouin camp I’m staying in, I was told the sky was welcoming me. After 8 months of non~stop blasting heat, feeling the rain and ice on my skin filled my whole being with ecstatic bliss, while the night sky kept on sounding with unstoppable lightning~strikes and thunder~bolts ⚡️💎

In the morning, I realized how lucky I’d been to arrive exactly at the right moment, not one minute later. The steep, rocky and sandy road to get to the camp was destructed and there was no way out. Many cars had rolled down the mountains, but happily mine was protected by the strong stone eco~lodge I’m staying in. The flooded roads to the nearby village were also blocked with layers of mud and rocks. But the storms not only caused much damage, they mostly brought precious drinking water to a whole region; the wells and dams have never been so filled with water as they do today 💎

How blessed my journey of deepening and living humanity’s soul~longing has begun! 💎

To be continued 💎


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