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Signing out from the Catholic Church

I’m receiving the first holy communion here, back in 1982. I’m using this image for mystical purposes to clear my energy fields from my christian upbringing. You can do it too and that’s why I’m sharing this image now ✨

During my daily practice & dreams, I’m finding more subtle layers of negative programming that are a little shocking to me. The main cultural program I cleared this week was stuck in my upper Heart region, close to my throat. Emotionally it was seeking approval, saying: “I’m a complete failure,” & “I’m wasting my talents.” So, I decided to Be Open Space for myself in order to heal this wound ✨

At the core of the deeply rooted pain, I saw myself back as a young child, sitting on my knees on a cold, wooden bench in church, repeating from a prayer book: “God, I am not worthy that You come to me, but speak and I will become healthy.” ... I Am Not Worthy ... ✨

How can this be a prayer? How can it be more dis~empowering to believe there’s an almighty God outside of myself that I’m not worthy to receive, neither to be healthy without him to speak to me? ✨

I’ve officially signed myself out of the catholic church years ago and obtained a signed paper via Rome. This heightened my vibrational signature, as religion is not energetically owning me anymore ✨

We are divine and infinite beings, powerful beyond measure. We are the Creators of this reality. For us to live freely, we need to become conscious of various key aspects, or anchors, that keep us conditioned and enslaved, and decide to dissolve them ✨

When we allow ourselves to feel, think, sense, desire or fear, whatever is coming up, but not react to it and simply observe that energy in ourselves instead, the program dissolves ✨

Clearing fear~based programs from our energy fields, minds and bodies is very important. Not only that, it’s more available to us now than ever before. New Earth is coming online for us all, to support and manifest our highest possible timelines ✨

In the realms of the new earth, there’s no karma and no duality to clear. It holds no stories. It’s a brand new realm, continuing to evolve & expand. Each one of us is invited to design the new earth in every breath ✨


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