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Sexual Trauma

Our sexual energy has been collectively traumatized for thousands of years through conditioning of repressed societies. Even after decades of healing and inner self~work, I keep clearing layers of toxicity from my being ❤️

I hit another layer last night and couldn’t breath, my body was in pain everywhere. Instantly, I was shocked to find my daughter come in crying with the same symptoms, even fever, showing me that when we truly heal our being, we’re forever impacting other generations ❤️

Born as a woman in the West with little opportunity to explore my sexuality in positive ways, I’ve been lucky to choose to educate myself in wisdom teachings like the TAO and the Egyptian, Indian and Tibetan tantra’s. Engaging in ovarian chi kung practices now with a jade egg clears my feminine essence in ways I never imagined possible ❤️

The information we receive through the media like movies, television, books, news and commercials, all seemingly teach us what life, friendship and romance are all about but with the opposite effect, as they’re filled with low frequency programs feeding violence, abuse, betrayal, guilt, shame, enslavement, rejection, unworthiness and so on, guiding us in directions of being less than who we truly are ❤️

Raising a teenager, I’m concerned about the sexual degradation most of our kids face today. From a young age, they’re seduced into belief systems where we engage in sexual acts without love, instead of receiving education in how to build trust in long lasting relationships by deeply slowing down ❤️

My sexuality used to come from such an abused and confused place, without connection to myself, it was a source of suffering and pain. Slowly but surely, with patience and diligence, my sexuality is now coming from a more aware place of innocence, in connection to the source within ❤️

I’m not trying to teach anything, just sharing and connecting. Most people on our planet have no idea how to turn their sexual energy into a path, assisting them in their growth, health, long life, happiness and realization. Let’s educate ourselves and each other, and commit to heal our sexual trauma for the benefit of all past and future generations ❤️


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