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Sexual Satisfaction

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Yay! Today is my first day as a certified “Valley Orgasm Coach” ❤️ So happy!

After 4 years of practice, and a profound year of training to become a coach together with 60 other women and men, yesterday we went through a final ceremony: a physical portal of ritual space, holding 3 talking sticks, stating these vows:

“I embrace and accept the 1st (JING), 2nd (CHI) and 3rd (SHEN) student within me”, “I will take good care of myself”, “I take time to offer my loved ones the chance to grow together” and “I direct all my spiritual powers to the greater whole, sending them on the path without using it for myself” ☀️

I’m feeling different now. More safe as a human being. Deeply inspired to start my new work. I woke up with a million things to post about, all related to training our individual and collective sexuality ☀️

Most people believe our sexual satisfaction is dependent on our intimate relationships: let’s change it☀️

How come society sexualizes human touch? Breasts? Or our physical body in general? ☀️

My blood~sister and I are now new partners of TAO trainer Reinoud Eleveld and our amazing coach Deborah (@gids_voor_vrouwen) in the movement 🌸 “Valley Orgasm” (@valleivrouwen) 🌸 in Holland. It’s a movement of 5000 women setting in motion a new flow of wisdom in society through training and sharing information about transformational sexuality ☀️

It’s a women’s water movement where men are also welcome, founded by sifu Reinoud through the NEI DAN KUNG lineage 🐉 Its foundation is based on an online ‘Valley Course’ with specific inner alchemical techniques transforming sexual energy into medicine, chi kungs and healing sound movements. Since 2021 there’s also a course for men ☀️

I’ll post more when the form of my new work becomes clear. For the moment I’m fully enjoying my YIN winter break: a time of recharging, resting and detoxing, allowing clarity, wisdom, maturity and life force energy to arise from within me through soft, sweet, kind and gentle practices of self~love through the Heart ❤️

❤️‍🔥💖❤️‍🔥 For all the Dutchies in da house: both courses are only in Dutch for now, so if you’re interested to start (YES!) feel free to PM me for a €50 reduction code ❤️‍🔥💖❤️‍🔥

Feel free to explore all this further by booking an online, private session, or join us in my online and in person RIDE YOUR LOTUS© gatherings, Womb Enlightenment MasterClasses©, Awakening the Illuminated Heart© workshops and BLACK DIAMOND TANTRA© workshops at


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