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Sexual Desire

When we liberate our sexual desire from violent self~denial and hidden rejections, we transform this energy into our most powerful and loving life~force, arising as a direct manifestation of our natural state of Being. It takes a sensitive soul to be able to differentiate between immoral sexual indulgence and pure spiritual union ✨

When we enter the gates of purity in a free~flow of loving Innocence, we’re in a state of open awareness, observing all obscurations arise and dissolve without effort. In this way, I’ve cleared my fields of many societal programs, preventing humanity from living its sexual divine nature. I’m sure there’s many more, like hidden resistance to sexual desire, self~judgement, subtle aversions, fear to be vulnerable, neediness, dependence and rejection of pleasure & erotism ✨

When we observe without judgement, we can tap into our pure life~force and become like a river of feeling~awareness of pure universal abundance. In this state, we arrive in a Sacred Space where we can rest in our sexual desire, doing nothing while completely letting go off any drive for results. Allowing our sexual desire to transform into pure bliss ✨

In our human understanding, bliss can be translated as sexual arousal, or as ‘being in love'. It’s easy for us humans to take it in the wrong direction, as it’s a very thin edge. But if we do so, it diminishes the power, origin and purpose of sacred sexuality. Only when we’re able to guide ourselves, then the ego, the human being and the body won’t be able to take the bliss for itself. It’s no use demonizing or repressing it, if it does happen, we can just observe it and take a strong decision not to go there again ✨

By allowing life to be what it is, we start to embody our innate innocence. The Innocent Ones remember divine freedom of Love within. Strong to Love, even in the face of fear and loss ✨

When we wait for our deepest, innocent desire to build up in strength, we give time, space and receptivity to our subtle, feminine sensitivity, to be able to feel fully and completely. We become more mature. We purify our light~signature. We’re capable of sensing pleasure, magnetizing wisdom, perfect health and happiness✨


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