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Seeing Peace in Conflict

I break all agreements I’ve ever made in the past, present and future, collapsing all concepts, ideas, beliefs, rules, karma, realities and structures within me. May we all extract the essences of our life’s lessons as our true nature’s embodiments ✨

When we stop needing more love, connections, teachings, allies, materials and entertainments, that’s when all beneficial forces and qualities appear effortlessly out of nowhere. From the magical space within our hearts, we give birth by being a naturally present source of all thoughts, emotions, sensations and intuitions ✨

Cutting through densities and illusions like a life allowing and affirming force, happy to be the path I am, overflowing with love wherever the multidimensional realities guide us to rest. When we relax our mind within, all of its insignificant appearances are the same as its fundamental nature. The sky is inseparable from its blue color, nothing exists separately or independently from our forever open source, the ground of being ✨

The center of the universe is a view without viewpoint, flowing through us far beyond the miracle of our every breath. How can we be the light of the stars we are, if we keep looking from our shadows? Yes, our wounds bring us closer to ourselves in direct ways, discovering pain isn’t who we truly are, but we can stop digging in the wrong direction, walk away with an inner smile. Start a new life ✨

Seeing peace in conflict, truth in dreams, we honor what is now, open, as it is. Manifesting a new way of being with those ready to step out of the light/dark paradigm into Earth’s new light ✨

The time of the spiritual warrior is over, our unique frequencies coCreate timelines of choices and free will within our agreed realities and voluntary boundaries, to be whatever the universe needs us to be. Free to shape~shift without super powers, just relying on authentic flow, continuously connected inwards to open intelligence ✨

I have changed and so have all beings, but nothing ever changes. Even the smallest detail of what is, can only be perfect, whole and complete. When we look within and we’re not finding our true nature, that’s when we’ve found it: welcome home! ✨

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