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Sacred Marriage Within

Our pilgrimage is in full flow 🌹

The Roses are unfolding as we gather in sacred sisterhood upon the lands of Avalon 🌹

@corelightbeing and myself being Aries, guiding our journey within the Aries full moon Now is a blessing of new beginnings ✨

Our intimate women's journey is over~lighted by the presence of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in Sacred Union. Embodied through Mary Magdalene and the Avalon Priestesses from all parts of the world, we are the integrated whole, a fully sovereign expression of the wisdom and love of the Goddess. She is the embodiment of our Sacred Marriage Within and is guiding our path into deep healing, transformation and remembrance of our souls blueprint ✨ We’ve been meditating, singing, walking, touching the sacred earth with our bare feet, dancing, channeling light~language, enjoying sacred movements and ritual bathing in the white spring waters, in the red spring waters, and today we are uniting the divine feminine & divine masculine essences in our walk up the Tor ✨ Beneath the Tor, both the white & red source waters spiral around each other and unite into one. We are aligning, activating and self~initiating the dragon~lines, the 9 Egyptian Light~bodies and the light~codes and lineage of the Holy Grail within and all around ✨ The voice of the Priestess is the art of the Priestesses of the ancient worlds which includes the Isis mystery school, the Phoenix & Melchizedek teachings and the Sisterhood of the Rose 🌹containing the Magdalen mysteries. Sound alchemy opens us to other dimensions, to our body, to healing and to the living transmission of now~moments within our soul ✨ The opening of magic into the gateways & realms of Gaia Mother Earth here in Avalon have been profound. The Magdalenes guided us within our body, gifting us with subtle earth & cosmic kundalini rising. Listening to our sacred womb gifted us with spacious skies and galaxies within, diving deep within the mystery keys of creation, birthing black, diamond & pearlescent golden snakes withering around our spine, clearing our physical, emotional and mental bodies alike ✨ Grace be our guide ✨

I am here ✨

May life call upon me lifetime after lifetime ✨


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