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Resting As Playful Rebellion

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Feeling safe enough to be able to slow down seems easier than we might believe at first. Have you ever observed yourself when you try to go into a mode of resting? The resistance we meet inside before we’re able to do nothing? Before we’re able to connect and truly feel the sensations in our body? ☀️

Even when we think we’re safe in our mind, we might not even know what it actually feels like to be safe, what it actually feels like to truly feel safe ☀️

Our reptilian brain and our nervous system are constantly searching for safety, needing confirmation in many different ways, which are going to give the body certain sensations that prove to us beyond words or thoughts, or even emotions, that we’re safe. The reptilian brain and nervous system overrule all thoughts and emotions and only communicate through the body’s sensations ☀️

That’s also why childhood trauma is such a deep and intense experience, our nervous system is not able to regulate itself until we’re around 8 years old, so all traumas we live before that age are like carved in stone into our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous responses, continuing even much later in life ☀️

When we look at our society where we’re overstimulated all the time with information and stress, where we live with this sense of needing to be productive all the time, being busy, being useful, not knowing our own worth through simple being, resting and doing nothing, we can see that most of us have a deregulated nervous system, where our coping mechanisms of survival are stuck in reactions of fight, flight or freeze responses, without being able to actually come to a full stop ✋ and be with our sensations, wether they’re painful or pleasurable ☀️

What do you need and desire to be able to slow down and fully be present with your body and its sensations?


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