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Real love is to love what’s real

We think we know what love is, but instead we keep obsessively demanding for more because we don’t really know what true love means. Those parts of ourselves desperately searching for love will never get it until we fully realize that the persistent need for adoration and recognition itself, is in fact unreal. So if these needs and this self are indeed unreal, untrue, then how can it ever receive or offer real love? ❤️

Trying to fill an unbearable sense of dead emptiness within us seems to be a full time job because we’re never able to fill the lack. Again, the lack itself isn’t real. Our ego will never experience any lasting fullfillment, neither will its temporary pleasures ever feel like it’s enough, because this is not what the ego is all about ❤️

We need to have a healthy relationship with our ego, and we need to have strong boundaries as an act of deep love and compassion, but we shouldn’t forget that the ego itself doesn’t care about us. Its main and only interest is to perpetuate the illusion of its existence being real, which it is not, and never will ❤️

We’re trapped in both the mechanics of narcissistic types of self~admiration on the one hand, and out~of~control types of unconscious self~loathing vs. sabotage and intimidation on the other, which keeps us entertainingly busy to such degrees that we never get to experience our true self. In our inability to tame and quiet the mind, we cannot experience the wide varieties and textures of real stillness ❤️

Dedicated inner work begins when we break open the strongly held belief patterns which are blindly and aimlessly feeding our pain identities with their own self~destructive nature. What works for me is to deconstruct the ego’s structures, to hit rock bottom and to destabilize all the addictive processes that are in place. It can be tricky, but a breakdown eventually can lead to a breakthrough when we’re steadfast in our pure intentions ❤️

Realizing what’s true love is a bit like riding a staggering stallion. When the horse, the rider and the winds are in perfect harmony, we are finally free to ride the high waves of our true nature, playfully and effortlessly ❤️


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