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Quantum Healing Experience

This period of pause between the sun’s decent and ascent ☀️called the solstice ☀️ draws our attention naturally inwards. The word solstice originates from the Latin words sol (sun) + sistere (standing still), and for about three days, the sun appears to stop moving, standing sill in the open skies of our awareness ☀️

It’s an invitation to rest and reflect in a space of honoring all which has come to pass. Allowing our whole being to flow with our individual and collective Divine Feminine, surrendering in a deep trust, knowing that our individual and collective Divine Masculine is providing the new structures we need as a human collective to begin manifesting the new earth timelines which so many of us are holding in our DNA templates since aeons. To be now fully grounded through our powerful being ☀️

On this longest day of the year (in the northern hemisphere), I’m happy to offer new experiences for our human collective, and it’s from this perspective that my friend Mathieu Iking @sourcehealingibiza and I will be guiding a “Quantum Healing Experience” in the location of 'What Is Happening Here' in Amsterdam on the 8th of Juli ☀️

Mathieu and I have been working together in Ibiza for 10 years, and we’re both channeling Source energy in our own creative ways. When we work together, our synergetic field of healing becomes even stronger ☀️

Everyone is welcome to join us, no need for previous healing experiences or meditative skills, just come as you are ☀️ Amsterdam, 8th of Juli, 7-10pm ☀️ Fee: €55,50 ☀️ Tickets & info: ☀️ Contact (EN/NL): ☀️

Happy Summer Solstice everyOne ☀️

Hope to see some of you in Amsterdam soon ☀️


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