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Peace is all there is

Peace is all there is, is what I feel in my Heart, breath and body, especially when I travel through the Sinai desert where I live with my family. And I find it surreal to think that for most countries in the world, this desert is on the red list of terrorist attack zones, cause from ancient times this desert has been a beacon of peace and it still is today ✨

I’ve always preferred to tune in with the truth of my own Source within, instead of being influenced by how others proclaim reality to be, and so I visited the Sinai first in January 2000 and staid 3 months traveling through it on my own ✨

Peace is not something we fight or look for, neither something we need to make an effort for. Peace is a living field of silent Presence breathing deep within each and everyOne of us, just waiting to unfold in a multitude of enlightened qualities available to us at all times ✨

I always thought that once I find wisdom it will make me a better person, which, I guess in a way it does, but wisdom is not something we can touch or target for, it’s an energy which grows slowly like a seed cocooned in the dark, freezing ground of winter time ✨

I’ve seen our world being ripped apart in rage, despair, exhaustion and conflict in these past two years, and I admit I’ve had my fair share in it as well. But now I’ve come to a point of maturity where Life guides me to be my own authentic self, without having to explain or prove anything. I’ve found Peace in the violence of our world and I’m happy to share it with those connected to me ✨

The world has not changed, neither gone crazier then it has ever been. Our world is not sick. In fact, when we truly tune into Mother Earth, she’s shining brighter than ever! Maybe it’s just more visible now that many of us want different things, and that’s OK! It’s beautiful! ✨

For me personally, all I truly want, is to co~create a world where in many thousands of years from now our children will find a magnificent Earth to live on, to explore themselves freely as human beings, discovering their true nature. I will do everything that is in my power to make it so and I’m beyond grateful you’re all here with me to make it happen. So be it ✨


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