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Our planet is on fire 🔥

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

How come we think we’re so intelligent, civilized and educated, while in reality, most of our world is in chaos? Lost in games of control, manipulation, seduction, psychoses, confusion and denial, with most of earths wild life and nature plundered by destructive greed ☀️

I believe the fastest, most direct way to transform our world is by cultivating our own inner medicine through progressively training our sexual identity. Through transformational sexuality we can become full again, cultivating innocence, wisdom and realization, we manifest a new world ☀️

From 2023 onwards, I’ll start teaching sexual kung fu, where instead of trying to fill the emptiness inside, always hungry for more, we start to recognize that our true and empty nature is always filled with the infinite potential of light, remembering how to connect to our own inner source of vitality, health, happiness and realization ☀️

It’s clear I’m not here to watch the old worlds burn, but to create new earth timelines, communities and realities with all other high frequency co~creators 🌍 I do however want to spend the time that’s left with all my other relationships in the best way possible, expressing and providing our needs for each other as much as we can, given there are no invitations to engage in low frequency activities keeping the light/dark paradigm in place ☀️

Women and men relate to their needs very differently. Generally speaking, men see their needs as urgent, they immediately get what they need, making it their primary priority, but women usually serve everyone else before themselves, invalidating their own needs, avoiding to ask for what they need and trying to get it by themselves ☀️

When we have given up on what we truly need from life, work, family or our intimate relationships, we can’t put our Hearts into it anymore. The loss of confidence makes us less passionate and generous until it hits the breaking point where we’re unwilling to live without it anymore ☀️

Do you know what you truly need?

Feel free to explore all this further in my onsite and online events, classes, workshops or private sessions ☀️ Bookings: &



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