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Our New World is Already Happening

We’re here to decide together on humanity’s future. Our new world is already happening in this moment. We can hear it breathing and dancing new life onto our planet every day 🌎 With these new high frequency energies happening on our Earth today, we no longer need to go through the ancient mystery schools or live in temples to receive our initiations, unless we wish to, because our entire life has become a continuous place of initiation. It’s now all happening naturally and spontaneously in every detail of our lives, for those who are open to receive it ☀️ Life in the New Earth Now is all about cocreating with each other ❤️ Building new realities. New ways of working. New forms of communication. New communities. New perceptions on health and healing. New educational structures ☀️ We’re talking about a whole new paradigm here everyOne! Everything is set to radically change ☀️ I’m excited to find other courageous souls who feel the same way, doing the self~work by being committed to embody the new paradigm in our daily lives in all the ways we think, speak, act and feel ☀️ Join me for our RIDE YOUR LOTUS gathering, a Source guided meditation 🌸 No previous experiences or meditation practice necessary, all are welcome ✨ For those unable to attend in real time, there are replays available without time limit ✨ DURATION: The webinar lasts about 1 and a half hour. At the end there will be a possibility to ask questions and/or share your experiences if you wish ✨ BOOKING & INFO: Classes are €22, 5 for €88 ✨ Feel free to book an ascension session to explore all this further or join us online or on~site in my upcoming events at


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