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Our innermost, secret wishes are open

So many souls are now globally embodying higher degrees of genuine generosity, wisdom, power, patience, honesty, determination and kindness, releasing creative inspiration and hope for our future ✨

Celebrating all we’ve learned and lived together as a human race, the increased experiences of sickness, death, fear and uncertainty this year offered many of us opportunities to allow more awareness, space, clarity, change and strength into our lives ✨

Compassion is not only about wishing all beings to be free from suffering, we can offer spacious Peace to honour all choice~points to go through that journey. Not needing suffering in order to learn or evolve, we’re maturing as a human collective, dissolving deeply rooted pains by observing, welcoming and holding it in a more direct, curious, warm and caring space of Love ✨

Our innermost, secret wishes are open and attainable when we courageously free our hearts, minds and innate Innocence from beneath endless layers of identification, allowing the mysteries of life to guide us home into higher wisdoms of Elegance ✨

Complete liberation is inevitable and available for each sentient being in all realities and dimensions as a Source of Light we all come from and return into, in every moment. The time, space and pace it takes for all of us to realize this is our free will and up to each one to guide through our own capacities ✨

We’re infinite beings experiencing worlds within worlds that are inherently empty and luminous, and part of our collective is now unfolding into fields of completion in which we resurrect our new rainbow body consciousness, directing our focus towards more graceful, gentler waters and grounds of Creation ✨

I close the gates of duality, keeping open the portal of infinite possibilities for Humanity to freely create reality as One. Self~doubt and distrust melt like liquid gold, when we allow planet Earth to lead the way. Divine alignment is beyond imagination, patiently Present every step of the way, gifting us with limitless abundance to connect to the strong inner refuge We Are, without needing to do or be anyone else than ourselves ✨


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