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Opinions absolutely don’t matter

Changing our world for the better means completely letting go of whatever ideas, thoughts and opinions we hold as ‘being right’ or ‘being wrong’ ✨

Opinions absolutely don’t matter and won’t change anything. No matter how much wisdom we think we hold in our precious opinions, all opinions are simply selfish expressions of egoism, creating pain, disharmony and distress ✨

I’m not saying to blindly agree with our current worldwide police~state either, giving our power away to greedy dictatorships of billionaires. I don’t agree with any individual and collective entities feeding on our political and economical systems through fear and mass manipulation, trying to get rid of ‘useless eaters’ through corrupted mainstream media hypnosis ✨

Imagine we divide the richness of our world evenly right now, then each and every person on our planet is a millionaire, including our children. Instead of our current state of affairs where poor people die of hunger, common people die of toxic 5G radiation they believe to be ‘covid~19’, where Artificial Intelligence governs through vaccines, family businesses die in financial crisis, and where it’s illegal for humanity to freely travel, breath the open air, and make our own decisions, we do have the means to live an empowered life and solve our worldwide problems of pollution, health and poverty through empowered manifestation and education ✨

So where’s the balance? Are we called to stop certain realities from happening and other realities to flourish? Or should we simply trust and offer it all up to Divine Intelligence? ✨

The answer is always the same, no matter the question. Our intentions and decisions create the reality we choose to experience on a moment to moment basis, which in turn decides on what we coCreate as a human collective ✨

When I open myself to continuously choose to rest in the purest, inner perceptions of life, I am transparent, vibrant, and ever present Peace. In that moment, all of my innocent confusions and all of our collective confusions transform into pure awareness and open clarity, allowing everyOne to have their own experiences. Releasing our world in Complete Freedom to be whatever it wishes to be ✨


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