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Openness is love

Openness is love and true love is openness ✨ Our open love is shining bright as translucent light, always available to be truly experienced ✨

No one but ourselves can free our heart and mind, heal us, make us happy and feel complete ✨ Our natural source light flows as pure energy from within, wishing to be freely offered by our hearts playful devotion to give and receive love. To be love ✨

Our capacity to offer open love is indestructible. Even in the face of denial, rejection and betrayal, nothing can destroy our offering of real love ✨ We may feel hurt or lovesick 💔 maybe our physical heart is dealing with excruciating pain, but if we remember that the pain itself is caused by our own inner and outer protections, boundaries and tensions which have built up over time, in and around our heart, and in our physical, energetic, emotional and mental bodies, then, against all odds, we can continue to open ourselves up to life with the full strength of our heart’s ultimate longing to deeply surrender into complete self~liberation ✨

Opening in spite of the hurt that our unprotected heart feels. Opening in the midst of emotional upheaval, ours and others. We can choose to educate ourselves to continuously open our heart in order to receive the free flow of life’s generous, warm and loving awareness, manifesting our most precious dreams effortlessly when we let go of everyone and everything, just being, a pure heart, realizing oneness ✨

It’s natural to give and receive love, it’s our heart guiding us into deeper ways to connect, inviting us to explore what genuinely drives our heart~practice to relax open, to feel an intimate connection with ourselves, life and all beings ✨

At heart ❤️ we all wish to know our own completeness through living with an open heart, through our being human and through our genuine meetings with others ✨

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