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Leaning back into Source

In our Lotus Ride this Sunday, we’re invited to journey into the opening of the Heart ❤️ from the back of the body, reconnecting it to the source of all life ✨

This new, potent meditation holds great power, assisting those participating to incarnate their Higher Self in deeper layers of physical embodiment ✨

We’ve profoundly changed as a human collective: we’ve moved into more embodied versions of our higher self. Our living light bodies are vibrating higher with more intricate soul patterns being expressed on a quantum level. Our connectedness to Life itself is different. A new accord has begun ✨

Realities long held as ‘firm’ are now fluid, and more easily set aside to allow space for the next phases of our growth. The worldwide cocooning has facilitated our healing transformation, and now those elements, structures and processes can be released ✨

We have a faster but smoother swirl happening around us, softer and clearer than before: quieter. Paradoxically, our soul pattern is more solid but lighter, faster, and carrying more stillness at its core. More crystalline, serene, with fewer thoughts and more knowing ✨

Through meditation, we open and hold a sacred space, where each being can connect to the best, essential and highest aspects of themselves ✨Join us this Sunday the 13th of June at 5pm CET/EET 🌸 No previous experiences or meditation practice necessary ✨ For those unable to attend in real time, replays are available without time limit ✨ Fee: €22, 5 classes for €88 ✨ Bookings:

📷 by the lovely Alessandra Sodi


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