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Facing challenges

When going through difficult situations, it’s crucial to remember not to try to get rid of them as fast as possible, but to allow it all in our energy fields ✨

When we face what is there to learn for us, our souls do not have to repeat these same lessons, and then, by understanding the full multi-dimensional meaning of the situation, we naturally let go ✨ It’s normal to prefer the positive experiences instead of the more challenging ones, but let’s try to remember that our challenges are able to give us the fuel we need for our awakening. Giving us the opportunity to access the hidden truths beneath our masks and conceptual minds ✨ I feel that when I‘m in the presence of those people I love most, my partner, my daughter, my teachers, my friends and my family, together on the path of life, I don’t need to wear a mask, I don’t need to apologize for who I am, neither for how I feel. And even though sometimes I can be a difficult person to deal with, when I express my pain identity so vividly & energetically, the support of my loved ones and their unconditional love gives me the strength and courage to face these deep wounds instead of suppressing them ✨ It’s important not to suppress the negative situations, thoughts or emotions which will only make them stronger. Resisting & suppressing energies makes them want to express themselves with more force. They never go away. They stay there, influencing us through our unconsciousness in everything we do, think and feel in life ✨ We are eternal divine beings, powerful beyond measure. We are the Creators of this reality. All we need to do to become Freedom, is to become conscious of various key aspects, or anchors, that keep us conditioned & enslaved, and decide to dissolve them ✨ When we allow ourselves to feel, think, sense, desire or fear, whatever it is, but not react to it, and instead simply OBSERVE that energy in ourselves, the program DISSOLVES ✨ We are FREE to express our full power. This ‘bad’ thing we’re trying so hard not to deal with, will indeed surface when we become more powerful, but it can be stopped & dissolved by our CONSCIOUS CHOICE and liberate us from our designed limiting programs ✨


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