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Notice 'what is'

No~one and no~thing is against you ✨

You can only imagine it to be so ✨

Co~creating your believed reality ✨

You are not against any~one or any~thing ✨

We are simply fighting our own demons ✨

Those frozen parts of ourselves we’ve been ignoring, criticizing and suppressing ✨ Un~touched by forgiveness ✨

Just know that it is safe to feel your anger ✨

It is safe to feel your fear ✨

It is safe to feel your sadness ✨

You will not die from feeling what you’re feeling ✨

In fact we will heal our entire human collective, allowing our natural feelings to be felt ✨

Allowing our feelings to breath ✨

Celebrating the raw power and life force of our feelings, as they are ✨

There’s no excuse to not fall completely in love with right now ✨

Notice what is ✨

It’s all perfect, whole, complete and beautiful, as it is ✨

In this moment ✨

You're given your breath ✨

Breathing through you ✨

Not asking for anything in return ✨

It’s you ✨

It’s me ✨

It’s life ✨

We are held by life ✨

Life is given ✨

Every breath ✨

No~one and no~thing is against us ✨

We are One ✨

Breath ✨

Now ✨

Be ✨

Light Language Image created by @amaelthestarseed


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