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New Earth Light Codes Awakening

I’ve been called to different places in the world for the last 20 years. Being pulled by different lineages to activate, decode and encode the subtle realms in sacred sites, ley-lines, cities, stargates, mountains, rivers and deserts, and this in many different countries. A calling and a passion so strong, that eventually I decided to create my professional work out of it ✨

What are Light Codes?

What is New Earth?

It’s my heart’s passionate calling to co-create a source portal of multidimensional experiences for our human collective on our ascended Mother Earth. To live freely in universal respect, playful harmony and confident joy. Merging with the purest intentions of these powerful lineages, may I effortlessly rest in the vibrant, empty fields of fearless knowing that everything is eternally perfect, whole and complete as it is. Allowing dynamic source energy to continuously birth new realities, one clear breath at a time ✨

Here's a video of my recent cosmic dance, awakening the New Earth Light Codes from Egypt:


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