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Modern Magdalenes

Tantrika Mary Magdalene invites us to remember and rise to our sovereign power, wisdom and Self Love. The path of the High Priestess is a path of service and devotion to the Goddess in all her many forms ✨

The Modern Magdalenes walk the healing path of returning Home to our sacred soul and body by mastering fresh and radical forgiveness. Mary Magdalene guides us this autumn as we transition into new powerful energies into the depths of our core of being ✨

The mists on the Isle of Avalon are rising, the apples are ripe & sweet. The garden is ready to descend and spiral into the inner realms of our holy earth mother Gaia ✨

Avalon literally means ‘the place of apples’ and it now has many beautiful red and golden fruits to offer. The Isle of Avalon is an otherworldly paradise, a Holy Grail vortex. The energies are ripe for us to seed our dreams into the pre-winter soils for the Solstice gateway and the year to come ✨

@corelightbeing and I are happy to invite you to join us on our 3-day conscious, intimate pilgrimage, where we’ll walk through the sacred lands of Avalon as the apples are ripe, symbolic for the sweet life-force nectar of creation ✨

Reconnect to the mystical part of who you are and come home to your body and soul through the mystical land of Avalon. Join us in awakening ancient memories, self-initiations, activations and new star gate knowledge ✨

We will be illuminated by the Aries Full Moon as we gather in Sisterhood, guided by Mary Magdalene and the Avalon Rose Sisterhood. Through soul alchemy we will activate and upgrade our life~force through divine feminine teachings of love, empowerment and remembrance ✨

We will journey to sacred sites such as the mystical Tor, the Abbey grounds and spend time in the White Springs and Chalice Well sanctuary. We will practice meditation, rose womb passes, light language transmissions, Sacred Sexual activations, sound healing & spring water bathing ✨

The High Path of the Mystic Rose works with the Fires of Illumination, burning away all which is impure and not in highest will & embodiment of the Divine Inner Heart ✨


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