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Mirror of Oneness

Waking up in a world that’s fast asleep can be a harsh experience, often taking years if not decades to realize. We know something is deeply 'wrong' with ‘reality’, but everyone else seems to tell us, think, and believe, that all is well, so the ‘wrongness’ is internalized as something personal: there must be something seriously wrong with me! 😩 On the other end of the awakening spectrum there’s the enlightened ones, blinded by their own light, trapped, unable to go beyond enlightenment (being~in~the~light) into a state of oneness (being~the~light) ☀️

Ascension workers like myself help others through their ascension into a oneness state, experiencing life as one universal being, aware that we are ALL, complete, whole and integrated. Our work is in the same field as most spiritual leaders, but we have no alignment, judgement or attachment to any religion or awakening method, we can work with anyone within their own belief system, without invalidating any personal truths ☀️

There’s millions of spiritual traps and predators in our world, who keep the light/dark paradigm in place in order to protect its own existence. We don’t need darkness to birth our own light. We simply are LIGHT ☀️

To embody the new world of light and expansion, we don’t need pain or suffering anymore to wake up to our true nature. We can simply dis~engage from learning through fear & doubt, choose to grow through wisdom & self~empowerment. Being detached from our own and others spiritual beliefs, we lead the world to its next vibrational level like a MIRROR OF ONENESS: the universal love, warmth, energy and completeness we feel through our connection is our own true vibrational signature of oneness ☀️

I’m guiding a trilogy of ⭕️ WOMB WISDOM ⭕️ MasterClasses and in our final gathering we’ll PROGRAM & REBIRTH A NEW 🌀 SPIRAL WOMB 🌀 It’s not about ‘waking others up’ anymore, it’s about being ourselves fully, in full authenticity and integrity☀️

Join our WOMB ENLIGHTENMENT MASTERCLASS 🌙 You can still get the replay of all 3 Womb Enlightenment MasterClasses here: 🌙 Once purchased, the replays are available without time limit 🌙 Welcome As You Are 🌙☀️🌙


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