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How does our awakened energy touch consciousness? How is the Universe holding eternal visions of harmony, unity, Peace and re~balance? ✨

Allowing our infinite awareness to unfold takes enormous courage, perseverance and can often be a solitary process. Particularly when we’re purifying our energy fields and re~attuning to our cosmic origins. Clearing out the low, dense, negative & limited forms of consciousness we’ve absorbed in this and past lifetimes ✨

Those who are in deep processes of spiritual transformation & ascension like myself, the loneliness ~ this feeling of doing it all alone ~ can be challenging. But in order to bring in our new Light and to re~calibrate our inner spiritual energy systems, we have to go through extreme purifications to be able to seed & plant a New Earth ✨

Only when we’ve realized a certain level of completeness, we’re able to meet the other in full ✨

We carry light~codes and visions for a new world, bringing back vibrations, methodology, awareness & wisdom that have their roots in many ancient spiritual civilizations. Pioneering significant, lasting change in consciousness, demands our total focus, unwavering commitment and total dedication. To Be a field of conscious Presence ✨

Down~loading our highest vibrations of light~Sources, the ascension codes and our deepest healing wisdom, there will be times in which we feel alone, misunderstood & rejected. Some of these feelings can arise from past~life memories of our roles as powerful healers and spiritual teachers, now coming up to be healed ✨

It’s vital to touch base, to know we’re urgently needed, to keep on going with our guided missions. We’re magnetizing our Soul Families by our side in perfect timing: those who believe in us, love us unconditionally, never judge and know we’re here to bring in vastly important new energy ✨

May I open my Heart & soul to those who innately know who I am. My sensitive vibration. My power & purpose. Those who welcome the new Energy I bring in. May I share my feelings & dreams with those who support me when I feel low, keep me going when I need encouragement & keep pressing me to shine and Open Fully ✨

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