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Light Language Transmission

I'm very excited to share the launching of my Light Language Transmission from the Great Pyramid of Egypt, co-created with my dear friends @trueidentitymusic Leo Melcherts Jr. (producer) and @maxharvey75 Max Harvey (design: ) ✨

Check out the Light Language Transmission here:

This upcoming blood moon is a super full moon with a lunar eclipse, which is creating a natural star~gate: a diamond portal. This intense energy holds high power, bursting open our inner-sight and illuminating us with higher possibilities ✨

The collective awakening of star-seeds, hybrids and light-workers around the globe, those of us who are actively engaged in co-creating a New Earth, are supported by these cosmic rays currently blasting our planet, as we're organically tapping into this ultra-light ray Fusion naturally activating our crystalline light-bodies ✨

Only a small number of souls is needed to harness these diamond, platinum and ultra-light rays: simply by being together, we are the Light of a new world ✨

Also, I’m happy to share with you yesterday's New Earth Gathering ✨ This gathering came through spontaneously from the connection and mutual intent from some of the active members of our Telegram group 'New Earth Now' ✨

You’re welcome to participate through this recording —> your energy will expand and enforce the work we’re doing, counter-balancing a new phenomenon called ‘shedding’. More info in the video here:

Feel free to join our New Earth Now group:


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