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Life is fair

Soft landings today after 4 days of intensively connecting as a group in unity consciousness here in Egypt. I’m at the airport now, about to fly home, and I’m contemplating on how generous life truly is when we allow its natural wellbeing and magnificence to flow into us, not only in the joyful and creative experiences we are fortunate to live, but also in the most destructive and hidden places of our being ✨

In the after~glow of our heart~opening workshop together, we received a glimpse of what it means to be experiencing life as one, and I can see very clearly today how each and everyone of us on this planet is heard, seen, understood and given warmth and space to, by life itself, so we may grow, enjoy and heal our connection to ourselves ✨

I don’t know what direction our world will be moving into, and I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow or even in the next minute or two. What I do know is that life is fair, and that it’s mostly through our own fears and insecurities that we disconnect from life’s natural kindness and generosity ✨

I wish everyOne will always have a chance to connect to this forever living wisdom within, this abundant flow of pure life force, and this natural goodness we truly are ✨


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