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Just say no!

Knowing and respecting our own boundaries is more important than I’ve ever given it credit for. And the more I step forward into my own truth, the more clear my boundaries are becoming ✨

I used to think that being open meant that I simply had to be more open to the wellbeing of the universe to flow directly into my life, and that I had to be more open to my pain and allow others to help me when I was feeling vulnerable. But I didn’t understand that sometimes we just have to stop, take a step back, and say ‘no’ ✨

Saying ‘no’ is sometimes unpleasant, but it’s a strong, necessary and decisive force to reclaim our own path. To say ‘no’ to the open doors of close relatives and friends, to walk away from a whole way of living, and to refuse to play the games of others, is a crucial part of our souls ripening into maturity. Very often, we forget to listen to the mysterious soft voice inside of our hearts, whispering ‘no’ without any particular reason, but when we do, we’ll be much more able to say ‘yes’ to what we truly wish in life ✨

Even the most beautiful relationships can close without being fully lived. In the meeting of those souls then, the treasure was not in being together, but in the mutual catalyst dynamics of big inner transformations, sending the partners in opposite directions. The work in this scenario is to find healing after it ends, knowing that we all are whole, complete and perfect in all ways ✨

Voluntarily separating from loved ones is painful but by no means a failure. It’s a celebration how much we’ve grown, awoken, transformed and matured. Happiness and completeness are not to be searched outside of ourselves, but lived in the vibrant energetic fields we breath and walk around in ✨

My boundaries are sacred. No force, being or phenomena shall ever pass my steadfast agreements with source again. I am here. Make way for the new me to be born again in every moment, continuously unfolding from within ✨


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