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Just Love

We’re having a deep transformational week here in Egypt, where I’m offering 2 workshops, co~creating a New Earth ❤️ So much to share, and yet, it’s so simple ❤️

Just love ❤️

I find that when the world becomes more solid than the dream it clearly is, when I unconsciously give my power away to fear, doubt and control, I loose myself in the illusion until I reconnect to the source of life again, residing deep within the human heart ❤️

Self~mastery for me means that I’m more careful these days not to allow the stories of others to become my reality in any way, to focus on resting unshakably within my core essence, to let life be life, and to allow everyOne to be free to create their own reality ❤️

I trust life is teaching each one of us exactly what we’re here to learn, and through listening to the divine guidance I’m beyond grateful to receive, I’m learning to become more open, respectful, kind and aware ❤️

Let’s live and love fully, freely and completely! ❤️


Tomorrow we’re starting the Black Diamond Tantra workshop here and there’s still a few places available. Feel free to join us if you feel the call 🔥❤️‍🔥🔥

All info (link in bio):


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