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Just Be Yourself

‘How can I best help humanity?’, I asked Mother Earth, playing my golden crystal bowl here in the mountains of Saint Catherine, Sinai. She answered so clearly from within: “My child! Just witness, just observe, just be yourself like you’ve always been!” ✨

We can help our human collective with the greatest impact if we keep our natural frequencies high. Living high vibe is one of reasons why so many light workers are on our planet today. This means guarding our physical, emotional, mental, ego and energetic bodies high frequency, knowing that health is completely natural. In order to heal, we need to open up to our pain and recognize all the low frequency programs within us so that our frequency rises, allowing healing to take place by itself ✨

Since I’m not ‘serving others’ anymore and have stopped ‘working’, I’m more free to become the person life guides me to be, instead of how I personally think I should be. Big or small things, fun or challenging, it simply feels good and satisfying to live Life from the Heart ✨

When we live from the Heart, we naturally tap into a collective space where we’re all connected to each other. Our highly intelligent human collective, as a whole, as a unity, pure energy, will always guide and protect us when we tap into it directly ✨

It’s natural for human beings to wish happiness and freedom of suffering for all, to be kind and helpful, it’s just that our deeply rooted pains and collective fears keep building up fake identities inside of us, imprisoning us and keeping us from living our purposes ✨

We’re the most powerful when we are our own authentic self, when we live our own truth, and it takes a very strong individual to be able to stand on its own. Peaceful, gentle and soft inwards, yet wrathful, direct and powerful outwards to that part of the world who has forgotten where it came from ✨

By being an engaged witness to humanity’s transformations, we know that we’re all here today. We are the original architects of this reality! Let’s co~create a free, bright, clear, blissful and shining world together! ✨

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