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I’ve been touched by Divine Feminine Grace last night, releasing a part of me so strongly attached to my souls journey, I always considered it as ‘me’. May my sharing serve those reading me as an inspiration ✨

Jealousy has always been the main cause of me getting severely lost in all hells by arguing, anger, rage and fighting. And as I’m going deeper into retrieving my erotic Innocence, these blockages are coming up to be recognized, lovingly held and dissolved into Space ✨

I just participated in the beginning of an online 24 hour full~moon meditation practice, when a crisis of jealousy hit me intensely. I had been so good! Not being jealous for quite some time! I believed I’d finally gotten over it. Not! BAM! It hit me out of nowhere like a lightning strike. Again!! ✨

Happily my husband @deepzen_kosho knows how to deal with me, being together for over 15 years. Thank Goddess he’s a zen master 😅

So while he was waiting for his next flight, and in the presence of our beautiful daughter, he talked to me gently but firmly, softly yet strictly. Holding space for me to hide, express, cry and release. To bring me home again, while I was feeling ashamed, guilty and in violent self~denial ✨

I was so relieved to feel more centred, but then in the middle of the night, I woke up in the stress of a terrible nightmare of deeply rooted pain. Doubting everything I’ve ever known. Rejecting all those who support me. Accusing our world of betrayal, disrespect and untruth. Feeling utterly isolated. Lost. In rage ✨

One moment, I was lucky enough to remember my teachers and lifetimes of practice. To open up to the pain. To rest in spacious awareness ✨

A wave of blissful relief opened my body and soul and the pain~identity dissolved into a huge explosion of golden~diamond~light. I surrendered to the New Earth taking over my being, becoming all divine forms and blueprints, co~creating a crystalline time~line where all beings live completely Free to Be Love ✨

I offer this prophesied release of karma of human jealousy to our Human Collective in all times. I’m in awe with the perfection, fairness and precision of Life. May I continue to liberate my being for the benefit of all ✨


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